Are Wedding Photographers Expensive?

Are Wedding Photographers Expensive?

Groom Preparation

Groom Preparation

The average cost of wedding photographer can vary between 500 and 2000 Euros. This is for a Dublin wedding photographer with professional experience, awards and reputable photography association membership. Bear in mind, the price tag does not include the VAT yet.

With such a tab, the couple usually gets eight hours of the photographer’s time which normally covers bridal preparation, the actual ceremony, the special side trip coverage and the first dance. As for the pictures, the lovebirds will receive an album containing roughly 30 or more photos. These priceless photos are all in digital format. These days, nobody is taking pictures the old-fashioned way.

The advantages of course, are multifarious. The photographer might throw in a CD version of the album for free, and when he or she does, grab the opportunity by the horns. After all, a wedding photographer could charge as much as 300 Euros extra for the service.

The CD is a very important consideration since it gives the owners a file copy of all the pictures taken, which can be printed on-demand in a computerized fashion for many, many years to come. While today’s technology can prevent or delay the yellowing of photo paper, it’s good to have the original source to print whenever the owners want and at whatever quality.

Digital manipulation will also be available in a myriad of ways. Wedding photographs can be uploaded easily to one’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Take note, some professionals even offer free website hosting for up to six months.

As it appears, there are many extras that an expert in the field of wedding photography can throw into the package. While some may be had for free, most come with an additional fee of about 200 Euros or more. Examples are a separate album for parents, poster-size snapshots, cheaper photo printing of additional copies, etc.

How Long Will They Stay For?

While services can be very transparent in this business thereby making it easy to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, there is tremendous leeway for some value-added options. To illustrate, the couple may want the professional to stay after the first dance or beyond the usual 10:00 p.m. curfew commonly set by photographers in the industry.

If so, this may be negotiated gratis with a minimum of fuss, especially when one is dealing with someone who has covered over a hundred ceremonies. While bargain-hunters may take advantage of their special day by holding some options hostage, professionals may not take kindly to such a tactic. Who knows, they might end up sending an additional invoice for any extras.

All the haggling is best handled on a case-to-case basis. While some photographers are easy to talk to, others may need to have everything stipulated in a contract that is signed, sealed and delivered before anything starts moving. In any case, the best approach is to take the higher ground, in order to be faultless at all times. Otherwise, wedding photos may come back to haunt the couple, instead of eliciting a lifetime of happy memories.

Happy Bride

Happy Bride

A Good Rapport Is Important

It cannot be overstated that photographers have different personalities so it’s necessary to check for chemistry or compatibility at the very first meeting. Wedding photography is part science and part art, so mood swings can determine those magical moments when a unique photo opt is taken. Like Haley’s comet, such windows of opportunity may come only once in a lifetime, just like quite possibly, one’s nuptials.

No one is marrying the photographer, but getting along with one is a prerequisite to getting captured in the right light and camera angle, regardless of the amount paid for the service of a most important occasion. Inspiration or genius can be managed by being upfront from the beginning without sounding too businesslike. Remember, one is dealing with an inexact science here where creativity should be managed.

This does not mean however, that one should follow every whim and caprice of wedding photographer expense. Bringing a checklist around to follow will show that one is actively listening to a social contract that precedes the couple’s lawfully wedded union. Of course, it would be in bad taste to carry the Post-it around during the actual ceremonies; but it helps to show it off at the planning and negotiation stages of the all-important photo shoot.

For those who find the wedding photographer expense too prohibitive, there are other options. To illustrate, the amount over the one thousand Euros mark can be stripped down to half by cutting the contract to say, a four-hour assignment in lieu of a full shift. Also, scheduling everything way in advance can put one in the good graces of the picture taker, and may result in some considerable discounting.

Still, try to suppress the bargain hunter personality from showing up, unless someone in the matrimony deliberately intends to bring the bad luck that ensures a quick segue to divorce. A doomed tying-of-the-knot affair can also be avoided by having a sort of understudy for the shots. A professional cameraman is never late for the coverage and usually doubles up on photography equipment; still, one can never be too sure.

Ensure You Get The Photos You Desire



The moral of the story is, never to allow oneself to be a hostage to the cost of wedding photographer. Careful planning will not only ensure that everything is on budget. It will also help one better manage the disposition of the wedding photographer so that the professional can prove once and for all the attendees, his or her complete mastery of the craft.

Who will not be excited if she or he will marry the person she or he loves? Of course every one of us will surely be excited. But there are things that can hinder our euphoria, especially if we are unable to hire a wedding planner that can help us go through your big day. This is especially true for the brides to be out there, as they are the ones who are really serious in preparing for their wedding day. There are also things that you, as a bride-to-be, may find hard to decide on what design of wedding gown should you wear and where you and your partner will spend your most especial day. But the said thing should be treated as something normal, as they are really part of the wedding day. There are also things that you may consider as something miscellaneous, but your wedding day cannot be postured without anyone of them. The perfect thing to do is to hire your own photographer.